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An Ebola news update

You all may have read or heard the sad story about Dr. Kent Brantly (and now another co-worker) who contracted the Ebola virus while treating other patients. He is already very ill and the plan to transport him to a destination in Europe for treatment is being obstructed by the unease of other European nations.

The new plan is to have him and Nancy sent to Emory University Hospital for treatment.


And maybe Dr. Brantly's wife and kids didn't come in contact with Ebola...

Amber Brantly and the children departed for a wedding in the U.S. just days before Brantly fell ill and quarantined himself.

They are currently staying with family in Abilene and, while not subject to quarantine, are monitoring their temperatures for an early sign of viral infection, a City of Abilene spokeswoman said.

Their return has sparked questions about whether they might introduce the infection to the U.S.

However, Stephan Monroe of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Monday that "Ebola poses little risk to the general U.S. population."

Source: AP


Tuesday there was a report of another American suspected of dying from Ebola in Nigeria and had planned to visit his family next month in the U.S.


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