I'd rather post kitten videos than rag on the New York Times yet again, I sound like its nagging spouse at this point. I can't heeeelp it, tho, this buuuuugged me. But maybe all the teargas (I swear, I got a livestream contact burn) is blurring my vision at this point, so I'll crowdsource.

I enjoyed David Carr's column on how Twitter has forced media to cover #Ferguson. I usually enjoy David Carr

but this one little thing bugged me. Here it is. I'm not going to say what it is, I'm going to see if anyone can guess. How's that? Let's see if anyone can guess what bugged me about this passage in David Carr's column. (Bonus hint: It has nothing to do with Twitter.)

It's too tiny, I don't think you can see it, So I'll just retype it:

Julie Bosman has been on the ground for the Times and posting to twitter as often as time permits.

On Wednesday night in the thick of things, she was approached by a young black man in the neighborhood. "New York Times?" he asked. "Yes," she said, introducing herself. "I follow you on Twitter," he said.


What bugged me here?

ETA: While taking my morning shower (TMI?) I realized I do have another beef that is Twitter-related, so disregard that hint, you can be all over the Twitter aspect too.