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Alert: KB & Other Oligarchs’ Dark Money Being Quietly Deployed to Obstruct Education & Employment Pathways for Working Classes – Policy Wonk Tuesday

Illustration for article titled Alert: KB em/em Other Oligarchs’ Dark Money Being Quietly Deployed to Obstruct Education em/em Employment em/emPathways for Working Classes – Policy Wonk Tuesdayem/em

Attn Concerned Citizens, Public Executives, Public Legislators, and Members of the Working Press:

Please be aware that the office of the Hon. Eric Garcetti, the incumbent Los Angeles Mayor, has notified his constituents and other concerned Californians via the local (non-Sinclair-owned) news of mailbox and e-mailbox flooding, apparently by Koch Brothers-sponsored organizations, of anti-public-works, anti-infrastructure, anti-transportation literature and related propaganda, in order to actively discourage local citizens from voting for local and state measures designed to boost job opportunities and the economy.

They also ALREADY managed to defeat a similar initiative in Nashville already via propaganda and dark money campaign and have also attempted to wage war on transportation and infrastructure via near-identical campaigns in Indianapolis, Boston, and cities in VA and FL.


How the Koch Brothers Are Killing Public Transit Projects Around the Country

Scholars of other Koch-sponsored hate campaigns may note the similarities between these propaganda programs and the attempts to flood public schools starved by Republican-driven budgets with “slavery was a necessary evil” and similar propaganda instead of proper educational materials for public and secondary school children.


One of the primary objectives of the perpetrators of such a campaign was to pre-empt any perceived drain on the multi-billion-dollar fortunes they amassed predicated on fossil fuel, related commodities, and related commodity futures. Another objective which a plutocrat or kleptocrat might think of as a “positive outcome” would be to limit the access of Americans with limited incomes to better-paying jobs by cutting off their transportation to those jobs, thus limiting one of their avenues to opportunities for middle-class liquidity for their families. Such an aim becomes particularly obvious when viewed in tandem with their other relentless anti-education propaganda campaigns as described in the previous paragraph.


Public executives in other cities wondering why you might be struggling to pass your transportation-related infrastructure initiatives – this might be a huge contributing reason why. Check with your neighbors, and with the media offices of your local and state officials, to make sure - and make sure they know to check as well, if they don’t. 




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