Getting the best of you.

I really am spending too much time on the internet and have a mind to take a brief entr'acte after two trivial listicles on literary matters. I will use this time to make improvements.

I complained (was it yesterday or the day before?) about the infinite expanse of posts, updates, tweets, photostreams et al. which makes me feel like I'm trying to climb up a waterfall by grabbing hold of the water. FOMO and firehose comparisons abound on the internet, in relation to the internet, but I thoroughly believe this wonderful series of tubes is as indifferent to your presence as you can train yourself to be towards its allure.

Unfortunately I have absolutely run out of money so I will not be returning after my hiatus with a thrilling tale of "exploring my inner self at midnight in a Taco Bell", but I may have a few wonderfully creepy pictures and haunting observations on the deserted suburban landscape at night.


To be honest, I will still have to log-on to the internet for essential, life-preserving functions, e.g. to make sure a stray and forgotten magazine subscription hasn't leeched five sweet dollars from my checking account. My Gmail is BurninAliveFL and I would like to be contacted in case of emergencies, for example, if a plague wipes out the Backtalk leadership and I am called upon to rebuild this glorious forum from the ashes (¿fire plague?). Also, should my Reputation and Honour be called into question, I'd like to have the chance to place a rapid-response retort.

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