Getting the best of you.

A rose by any other name ...

That’s a cat hat in Conwy. A couple of bits and bobs before they chuck me out the library.

Deep breath now ...


Yesterday I listened to the first installment of Green Originals on Radio 4. It was a short profile of James Lovelock and I learned something new about the origins of Gaia Theory. Today’s episode covers a Greenpeace founder and tomorrow shines the spotlight on aquanaut Jacques Cousteau.

We’ve lost the EU flag in the centre of town. So much for staying European to the bitter end. The Welsh flag and red YesCymru flag remain, which ties into a bit of excitement as Yma O Hyd topped the iTunes charts.

Sung by Dafydd Iwan, a former president of Plaid Cymru it means “still here”.

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