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A mythical thurtlesday

As some of you may remember, thursday used to be the day we celebrated the majestic epic creatures known as turtles. Today I revive this tradition by giving you some of the most awesome mythical turtle-like creatures. Behold as a load of awesomeness ensues!


This one looks like some divine ice-breathing turtle. Look at the crystals on his head and shell and the glowing lights all over his body! Isn’t it gorgeous?

Bowser is perhaps the most well-known “dragon turtle”. Fire-breathing, with a skull full of spines, could he be more bad-ass?


It may be debatable to what extent Lapras is related to turtles, but she does have a shell and is a totally majestic being and I believe also kind of related to dragons. She also fires ice from her mouth.


And of course the well-known island turtle. Doesn’t even notice when he has a human on his back, yet can transport them safely through storms in which they would be blown off a ship.

Of course there are many more awesome mythical turtles that I missed. Leave them in the comments! And remember, I’m doing COTD today so you might just attain eternal fame for you and your turtle.

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