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20 Minutes Into The Future

In preparation for hooking up a Roku for someone, I was checking out some of the free channels that I have but never bother to look at, and what did I find streaming on CW Seed* ... both seasons of the 1987 ABC series Max Headroom.

The show is set in an urban dystopia ruled by competing television networks and their sponsors. A world where it is illegal to turn off your television set and the wealth gap between the corporate executives and the poor who live in “the fringes” and are known as blanks is probably similar to that of today’s North Korea.

I’ve watched a few episodes so far and for a show that was ahead of its time three decades ago, it holds up pretty well. They were smart to go cyberpunk with their technology using actual typewriter keyboards and already obsolete 8 1/2 inch floppies rather than trying to look futuristic - it makes the show seem less dated. The underlying themes are still pertinent today. Hell, in the era of binge watching, the side-effects of blipverts are a greater concern than ever before.


*They also have Bryan Fuller’s Pushing Daisies and the V reboot. There are commercials but they’re not all that annoying.

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