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Getting the best of you.
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Over/Under Merrick's confirmation

This seems to be a brilliant tactical move on Obama’s part. Senate Republicans are the most vulnerable—something like 24 seats are up for grabs that are held by GOPs, many of them in swing states. Most Americans want a supreme court justice confirmed and having Obama nominate an eminently qualified moderate whom some of the Senate GOP has publicly supported (cough cough Orrin Hatch), makes them look like bigger assholes for not even holding a hearing. Some senator threatened to make a pinata out of any of Obama’s nominees. Going to be kind of hard to do that with Merrick Garland. Also, he might make a bunch of Senate republicans seeking election more vulnerable and if they continue to be emboldened to be assholes despite the desires of their constituents, we might see a flip of the Senate back to democratic control. Not the house though. What do you think?


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