I’m in a hurry and this is kind of urgent, so I’m just going to put the relevant threads up - especially since Alito wrote the 5-4 SCOTUS Opinion and that probably tells astute readers all they need to know anyway https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/17pdf/16-980_f2q3.pdf

What Alito did,as per Mark Stern:


Alito’s decision is anti-textualist, warping the plain meaning of the Motor Voter Act to allow precisely the kind of voter purge procedure it was passed to forbid. The law expressly *prohibits* a “use it or lose it”-type law to punish infrequent voters.


And just some of the ramifications:

Because of this decision, thousands of voters will show up to the polls in 2018—only to be told that they have been purged from the rolls because they skipped the last few elections. A disproportionate number of them will be minorities, veterans, low-income and disabled people.

The Supreme Court’s 5–4 ruling in Husted v. Randolph Institute is a catastrophe for voting rights. It will lead to mass voter purges that disproportionately disenfranchise minority and low-income voters, as well as veterans and disabled people.



Stern’s piece in Slate:


Before today, federal law protected your right *not* to vote (as it should). Now, every time you skip an election, you may imperil your ability to vote in the future. The days of “use it or lose it” are back. 


NAACP_LDF also has a statement:



There’s also a piece on this on the Splinter MP, but I think it under-emphasizes the deliberate (and arguably hypocritical, with all their earlier ranting about “strict construction” – but I think we kind of figured that was going to happen) intentions of the writing Majority in purposefully undercutting, and near-gutting, a piece of legislation that was initially

written in order to make it easier for all enfranchised people to vote.


So it begins, everybody. We just didn’t know what it was going to look like.


 Additional info and other ways to check your voter status to make sure you’re on those rolls (also please add these things to any brochures you’ll be handing out as a volunteer – and if you’re volunteering to text or Tweet, do send the whole thing to your people from the title up top)