Getting the best of you.

Good Morning!

Happy Friday!

This week seemed to fly by, thankfully. Hopefully the same won’t be said for the weekend.


I went to see Ghostbusters last night with people from work. I ..... don’t really have a high opinion of it. I wanted it to be good, but it’s just not. McKinnon and Hemsworth were pretty funny though. As was Bill Murray, but I’m sure that’s pretty much always a given.

I have also been playing the hell out of Pokemon GO. ITS ADDICTING! I’ve lost 10 pounds just walking all over town trying to find these damn things. Although, after experimentation, turns out all you need to do is hit gas stations and shopping areas, anywhere large amounts of people go. I’ve had 8 appear at once just parking at Schnucks.

What’s everyone doing this weekend? I’m hoping to finally get my PC up and running, but that’s a longshot.

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