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Man Weeps After Finally Finding The Song He Spent 20 Years Searching For

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Have you ever heard a song, but didn’t know what it was called? You go around humming the tune to people like a madman, but no one has any idea what you’re talking about. This man did it for 20 years before he found the song he was seeking, and this is his reaction.


The backstory to this video is heartwarming. Redditor Hotspur000 sums it up nicely:

This man is from Congo. One day he and his mother went to a Chinese grocer there and heard a song playing over the PA system. The mother liked it so much she asked the owner about it and the owner gave her the tape. The mother would listen to the song a lot and the man came to associate it with her (but of course, since it was all in Chinese they didn’t know what it was called, who sang it, or anything about it). Later, the mother and the man emigrated to South Africa, and somewhere in the process, the tape was lost. Soon after, the mother died. The man was heartbroken that he had lost the song which always reminded him of his mother.

For 20 years he has worked as cab driver, and every time he got an Asian person in his cab, he would hum the song to see if the person could tell him what it was, but no one ever knew. Finally, one day, he had his first ever Taiwanese passengers; it turns out the song was Taiwanese, and they knew it immediately. What you see in the video is him reacting after hearing the song again after 20 years.

Here’s the song he’s been searching for and the lyrics:

Pitch-dark eyes and beautiful smile, it is so hard to forget the changes of your face during time pass.

The old time is light as a feather and slipped out on the sly, only when I turned back, just realized how many years have pass already.

Boundless road of the world is the end of your wander, but endless searching to be together is my non-stop pace.
In dark night, it is your gentle whisper near my pillow; in the dawn, it is my sad following with my waking.

Maybe, when the tired bird flew back to nest in sunset, you may also set forth on return journey. It is rare to find out another soulmate, and after all, life cannot live without blue sky.

Loudly thunder falls in front of my window, the change after you left is unforgettable.
After the lonely figure is the lonesome mood, but after my eyes is no regret.


via Reddit

If you’d like a similar story about a man who was seeking a song he hadn’t heard in 40 years to play for his mother who had Alzheimer’s, then fast forward to about the 5:44 mark on this BBC profile of a Brazillian man with more than 5 million vinyl records (although the whole ten minute story is worth a listen).


On a personal note:

I too spent years trying to track down a song once. I heard a small piece of the end of it, and fell in love. The voice was this growly female that I should have recognized but didn’t. When the song ended I waited, but the dj never said what it was. I figured I’d hear it again later, but I never did. For years afterward I would hum the song and the wrong lyrics hoping someone knew what it was. I thought the words I heard not so clearly were “All Cried Out” and was steered towards a Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam cd, but that was not it. About five years later I finally heard the song playing at a bar I worked at in school one night when I hadn’t felt like loading cd’s in and was just playing the radio. I ran around frantically in the pre-Shazam world asking people if they knew the song. I was a good 25 people in and the song was almost over before I found someone who recognized it.


In 1988 Pat Benatar released a new album, but by then I and everyone else was more focused on things like Fishbone, N.W.A., Depeche Mode, REM, etc..... The album kind of fizzled, and in the southeast got almost no airplay. But that one person was a diehard fan and told me that it was “All Fired Up”. I can’t for the life of me explain exactly why I love the song. It’s not like it has an emotional attachment like the cab driver, or even the lyrics (though I do like them). It’s just her voice when she sings the chorus (especially at the end).... it has a physical effect on me like an opera singer who can shatter a crystal wine glass.... it just resonates inside me like staring at raw beauty and I get all tear-y. Anyway.... here’s the song if you don’t know it....

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