Getting the best of you.
Getting the best of you.
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How are you on this fine Saturday? What did I do today? I got up and went and taught a class that went really well. I napped a bit. I went out for coffee with my friends. I haven't backtalked much. I am watching "the Devil is a Part-Timer" which is a very funny and entertaining anime series that Chrono turned me onto and I'm trying to write something for Anitay. AND I'm reading a book for actual pleasure though tomorrow, I need to get up and go dissertating. Also a whole lot on Sunday. Oh and I hope you like the picture above by Harold Ross,who is an amazing photographer. He does some really interesting stuff with light painting:

Light painting requires working in a completely dark studio, opening the camera for an extended period of time, and "painting" the light onto the subject. This reveals greater shape, texture and color, and is very much sculpting with light…

…Almost 20 years of experimenting with the specialized technique of light painting has given me the ability to show subjects in a different light so that viewers can appreciate them in an unexpected way.


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