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A Nice Christian Woman for a Nice Christian Man

Are you a Christian man looking for that wholesome, Christian woman to spend the rest of your life with regardless of if that's what she wants? Of course you are because you don't want to go to hell. Well I have 10 types of women to avoid for that long lasting Christian marriage.

1 The Unbeliever.

Everyone knows that in order to have a good marriage, the Christian woman must obey the parts of the Bible you tell her to. That's why you you must find a Christian woman that is a true believer of Jesus. Nothing says "one way trip to Heaven" like following the word of God. Those words that I highlighted in your Bible that I bought for you. The rest of the book is old news and can be discarded.


2. The Divorcee.

Ugh! Who wants a Christian woman that has been deflowered already by the filth that is a precious marriage. The Bible says that divorce for a Christian woman is basically cheating on your ex-husband so, who wants to be part of that scandal? No one that's who.

3. The Older woman.

Some women have problems that can't be helped. Getting old is one of them. You don't want a Christian woman that is older than you because age is just God's way of telling you that you have more authority over someone. That's why Adam was created before Eve. The older the age, the smarter the person. That's not just science, it's Jesus science.


4. The Feminists.

Ew, ew, ew. Have you seen these types of women? Always disobeying the Lord's word by screaming about silly things like "being equal". You do not want a Christian woman whose sole purpose is to want to be respected. That's not what Jesus would want.


5. The Immodest Dresser.

This can be linked with #4. These women think they are making a statement by showing their ankles when they dress. Some even shoe other parts of their body like thighs and shoulders. You do not want a Christian woman like that because they are 5 seconds away from being whore sluts. You, as a Christian man, do not want a whore slut.


6. The Gossiper/Slanderer.

This is important. While you are keeping these women in the home fully dressed, they tend to want to do things that are not marriage related. Gossiping is one of these things. For a better marriage, it's safe to remove all forms of communication from the home while you are away. That way, your Christian wife won't tell the outside harlots about your Christian household. That's the Christian man's job.


7. The Childbirth Avoider.

Part of being a Christian family is having the right amount of children. And by "right amount," I mean what the Christian man decides. Do not marry a Christian woman who is not willing to put her body through the joys of pregnancy and labor. God gave the Christian Christian woman the ability to have children so of course they must use that ability.


8. The Wanderer/Luster.

Why does a Christian Christian woman need to be out of the house? There is literally no reason for it unless it's to become an un-Christian whore slut. If you have your faith in God, he will provide everything you need, in order to be happy. Meeting new people, going to new places, or well, doing anything exciting is only a means to stray from the Christian marriage.


9. The Career First Woman.

Just like #8, there is no reason for the Christian woman to ever leave the house. The Christian man and Jesus, will give her everything she needs. If you decide that she can have a job, make sure that her ability to make money for the home doesn't interfere with being at home. Knowing what she is doing at all times is better than making money.


10. The Devotion-less Woman.

What is she doing at the house since she can't go anywhere or talk to anyone? Well it all boils down to this. She should be praying often. Any Christian Christian woman who isn't praying is not worth your time. It's as simple as that. No praying, no marriage.


I hope you are able to take these Godly tips and use them to find your perfect Christian Christian woman.

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