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Mysteries of Entertainment: SHERLOCK HOLMES

I love recent Sherlock Holmes as entertainment- I have watched both recent movies starring RDJ and Jude Law, Sherlock, and I'm planning on the latest episode of Elementary tonight. No spoilers because this post is for everybody to tell us what they like and for us to find the Sherlock that's right for you. That's right, I'm PROSELYTIZING.

So how did it all start? I don't actually know but in middle school, I checked out the complete Sherlock Holmes and proceeded to scare myself shitless every night before bed for weeks. I eventually had to return it to the library, but boy, was that fun.


I think I saw the two movies next. Without spoiling, I will say I enjoyed them because they were funny - Jude Law is funny, and as someone who remembers when he was considered young and hot, I really appreciate that.

I like Sherlock because of the inventiveness of its modernization, but I will say that Sherlock gets away with too much - they looked to be possibly changing that around, though. I loved Season 3, though it was most disconcerting. I really like Lestrade best I think.

I like Elementary because well, Watson is a woman and from the start, calls Sherlock on his shit. He's special, yes, but he doesn't get away with being an asshole as much. I was disappointed in the Mycroft storyline, but Mark Gatiss as the not-quite-evil older brother is hard to surpass.

So what do you like and why? Which of you is not watching a Sherlock somewhere in your life? Tell me how you want your Sherlock (NO DIRTY GIFS PLEASE) and I will find the one that is right for you.

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