1. Anytime HotGale was visible:

2. When they entered the bunker and it started raining underground somehow:

3. Anytime Peeta was on television:

4. When you notice Cressida is pretty much Jane from The Comeback:


5. Every time the selfish cat was mentioned in the middle of a serious scene:

6. Listening to Coriolanus Snow invoke social contract theory:


7. Later when you recalled the text of Leviathan:

8. The feeling when you realized Beatee is better at literally everything than you are:


9. When the power went out but their internet stayed up:

10. The scene with Buttercup that was lifted from the Night at the Museum trailer you just watched:


11. When Katniss shoots down a Capitol hovercraft:

12. Only for it to crash into the hospital:


13. Remembering the word trilogy comes from the Greek for 'a movie with four parts':

14. When Coriolanus (love that fucking name) takes forever to answer Katniss' FaceTime call: