Apologies for the lateness. I took a nap this afternoon that ended up being a six hour one. Currently watching Food Network shows on the DVR. How is your evening going?

And away we go!

Snacks has your Duggar update. I side eye this family so hard.

Not sure how to explain this in a round up blurb. This week has made me numb.

Madam shares with us The Fight Against Respectability Politics.

Space Week continues with this wake-up image.

Need a Palate Cleanser with kitties and cute animuls? I think we all do.

Oregon will start covering gender reassignment surgery.


Here is your troubling police military surplus weapons map. Grumble Grumble.

Wes got some Morning Rousings.

I think our new Theme Of The Week has been declared. Learn how to read, zhandi.

Graby has a funny Vine you need to see. Notification Trolling?

Madonna is 56!

Owl sends us on a mission.

Some graphic images (don't worry, SFW)

Want to talk about eating the foods of your childhood as an adult? Go here (and there are some great quick and dirty recipes).

Omar gets inappropriate.

Let's Talk Sport: World Cup Edition (clicking might surprise you and I hate that I just did that)

Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

Cheerful is back from Spain but she couldn't escape OWLS!

Swearing on the Moon. I fucking love swearing. Fuck Yeah.

Teapot is making something yummy.

Owl covets what some decadent assholes built.

Wanna get drunk and confess your secrets? DO IT HERE

And we gots you your Late Nite Jazz. Nina Simone, bitches!

Whew. Did I get everything? See you tomorrow!