Hello everyone! This is a round-up of everything that happened today, August 8, 2014, and a little bit of yesterday, the day before August 8, 2014.

In honor of World Cat Day that is a .gif of a cat fight.

Snack made an awesome reference and wants to know if you did too.

She also had a chat with a pic of a suicidal squirrel.

zhandi asked questions that still are still making my head hurt.

NotHip reminded us it was Throwback Thursday's anniversary! Sadly, I think the traditional month anniversary internet gift is dogecoins. :(

We shared some fantastic music thanks to scavengersdaughter.

Midnight Movie was the movie that had not only my favorite song of the 80s (Dance Magic) but also my favorite face of the 80s (Jennifer Connelly). Brilliant choice by Madam Puddifoot.

Jossie Grossie had as all experience My Demon Lover, as if that isn't my life story.

Zhandi shared a pic from Gloucester, where I'll be next week and may have taken from the future, you don't know.

Like every other day of the week, it is World Cat Day. Lucky Kittah shared this with us so appreciate her today.

Zhandi accidentally posted drunk thoughts.

And then a fantastic not-drunk recap about The Killing by Zhandi.

Graby was outraged on our behalf.

Do you know anything worse than overcooked vegetables asks Zhandi? No, you don't. Don't lie.

Someone drew a picture of that recurring Star Trek Orgy dream I have. And Graby shared it so you can have that dream too.

We're all going to see St. Vincent tomorrow! Join NYCyclist!

Zhandi wants us to think back to the censoring of Madonna. No, not the time in the 80s. No, not the 90s. The 2003 time.

Got any links? We want 'em. Give us your links.

I couldn't stop saying flibbertigibbet today. Thanks, blameitonthecroutons.

We discussed the older kid books that inspired us to get into silversmithery at the invitation of LaVieBohemeB.

Clio delighted us with words.

intherain had us think back on our found treasures.

Snack asked us which superheros we admired. Suspect she was fishing for us to say her.

Clio gave a cat a back rub for World Cat Day.

NYCyclist refilled her wine rack and a penis danced around about it.

Teapot had us rank lunchables.

Borg let a squirrel seduce us.

Grandad is popular, as always.

GerdieSingsTheBlues had a sad story to share about modern work life and you should read.