The Newest Greatest Generation Uses Kickstarter

Behold, peons, the modest potato salad.

It is rare that a kickstarter can touch the depths of our crass spirits and bring people together in an activity that most of us eschew to the tired wage-slaves of the big box delis. One beautiful man, whose name I can't be bothered to click over and see, has managed to raise 4,000 in two days to make a potato salad.

With an original goal of ten dollars, Zach Danger Brown (fine, I looked) of Columbus Ohio has the support of over 800 backers to make the most intense tuber salad of our generation. My parents had that footage of Kubrick faking the moon landing, and that time the hot president got shot by the Illuminati, but by gods, we will have this fucking salad.


You can join the movement. You can support the potato troops. You too can be a hero. Plus he will have to say your name while making it, which is ridiculous.

No word yet on how he plans to match his stretch goals to give a bite of the salad to everyone who pledged, but whatever. Dreams are not about realistic goals, they are about fucking salad made by some rando on the internet that I helped make happen.