As we all know there a very special sporting event going on right now that only happens every four years. It is called the "World Cup", and features the sport of "soccer", or "futbol" for our more worldly readers.

As I type it is happening in "Brazil" a country in "South America". Yes, "Brazil" does have some problems with the social structure within it's borders, but let's forget about that for now. On to more important things, this "event" features "athletes" that I will refer to here on out as "soccer players" because I am an "American", and you know what that means.

Countries from all over the world compete. You may ask why do I care? I'll tell you why you care. Soccer players, this is a babe alert.


I do not have the desire or concentration to go through the roster of every team, so I will stick with the top six (a favorite number on a different sub-blog for the purpose of lists). There can be only one "hottest" player from each team, as there is only one "most valuable player" in other sports (I don't actually know if that's true).

I have consulted Google, an expert in everything, to find the top six teams. I have combed through the rosters for your viewing pleasure and selected the "hottest" player. You're welcome.

I assume the best man, or the "hottest" man in this instance will predict the final winning team. I'll need your cooperation in selecting the best man. Thank you in advance.

Spain - Sergio Ramos

The Ladies Guide to the World Cup

Germany - Mats Hummels

The Ladies Guide to the World Cup

Brazil - Dante & Luiz Gustavo (I can't decide, sorry)

The Ladies Guide to the World Cup

Portugal - Cristiano Ronaldo (truthfully I'm a little burned out on his good looks, but what are you going to do? To exclude him would be dishonest, and I would never lie to you.)

The Ladies Guide to the World Cup

Argentina - Fernando Gago

The Ladies Guide to the World Cup

Switzerland - Valon Behrami

The Ladies Guide to the World Cup

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