It only had one season (1995-96), and a couple of episodes were cringeworthy, but others made me sad for the lost potential. It explored a lot of the usual themes; what it means to be human, ends justifying means, etc.

A couple of the characters were artificially created humans who were considered a sub-class that was fighting to be recognized as people. One of these characters appeared to have a crush on one of his female colleagues, but in the last episode, when it looks like she, and the commanding officer have been killed, he says “I feel like I’ve lost both my mother and my father on the same day”, completely reframing their relationship. It was this kind of episode that made up for the truly bad ones.

It was helmed by a couple of X-Files alums, Glen Morgan and James Wong, and featured a lot of actors familiar from the X-Files and a couple of other shows they were involved in, like Millenium; James Morrison, Kristen Cloke and Rodney Rowland, among others. Kloke and Morgan eventually married.