Here is your comprehensive list of all the species who have surpassed me in space travel thus far. You will note that no elephants have even left Earth's atmosphere. Therefore, the following statement is not false: Elephants and I are currently locked in an epic space race. May the best man win.

1947 - Fruit flies in space - US

I envision this as a government-funded experiment on how to get rid of fruit flies. Plan J39: Put in rocket; launch at moon. Incidentally, it failed. The fruit flies survived the mission. From fruit flies there is no escape.


1949 - Rhesus monkey in space - US

1950 - Mouse in space - US

1951 - Dogs in space - Soviet Union


1958 - Squirrel monkey in space - US

1959 - Rabbit in space - Soviet Union

1959 - Frogs in space

1961 - Chimp in space


1961 - Guinea Pig in space - Soviet Union

1963 - Cat in space - France


1967 - Parasitic wasps, flour beetles, bacteria, amoeba - US

1968 - Tortoise, meal worms, wine flies in deep space - Soviet Union

1969 - Macaque in space - US


1972 - Nematodes in space - US

I don't know why I take this one so personally. It's like, what the fuck is a nematode? Why was it invited instead of me? Was I busy that day? I KNOW FOR A FACT I WASN'T BUSY THAT DAY.


1972 - Fish, spiders in space - US

1985 - Stick insect eggs in space - US


1985 - Newts in space - US

1989 - Chicken embryos in space - US

These chickens weren't even born yet and they were already cooler than me.


1990s - Shrimp in space - Soviet Union

1990s - Quail eggs in space - Japan


1990s - Crickets, snails, oyster toadfish, sea urchins, jellyfish - US

2003 - Silkworms, carpenter bees, harvester ants - US


2006 - Madagascar hissing cockroaches, Mexican jumping beans in space - Bigelow

2007 - Rock scorpions in space - Bigelow

2007 - Tardigrades in space - European Space Agency


2009 - Butterflies in space - US

I like to picture butterflies at zero gravity.


2014 - Geckos in space - Russia

Thanks, wikipedia!