Hello all! This is teapot filling in for snacks Snacktastic.

We started out today as on-topic as Backtalk ever gets, but suddenly veered off course mid-day, despite several valiant attempts to correct our course - we ended our day still talking about food. But what did you expect when I'm a teapot and one of your mods is named for snacks? I'm surprised we hadn't corrupted everyone before this!

zhandi continues to pull double duty, waking us up with a picture as lovely as the ones he usually posts in the evenings. But then again, we were greeted with roses scant hours later.

Our twizzler of peace jumped into the breach with an on-topic post about mandalas, but not just any mandala - that of an OWL.

blameitonthecroutons posted some timely news that is yet still related to my childhood. Good job!

LemonadeLover made a confession, and so many of us confessed to the same.

What? Why is the picture finally showing up here and not in the post? KINJA! It's beautiful and now I'm sad that not more people will get to see it.

Then, we had some regular features:

Al Pastor gave us food, EasttoMidwest gave us the internet, and then Gerdie gave us food again...and this is where we got sidetracked.

zhandi jumped in with favorite cafeteria lunches, including a recipe!, which manages to be both on topic and about food O.o

Snacktastic was only slightly better with favorite childhood smells. Mine was food.

Lucky Kittah made a valiant attempt to talk about non-food childhood things, with a video of toys.

k2b (heart) brought us out of our childhood nostalgia and back to our everyday lives (not a bad thing, except when you have that sort of day :( ).

I noticed our ridiculous trend, and contributed something vaguely related. I started crying, so maybe tissues would be advised.

Our second dose of reality: zhandi shared some depressing news, Clio found us a chanteur, and PhilipKVagina informed us that he(? sorry) had been gone.

Al Pastor got us discussing our favorite childhood periodicals.

Snacktastic shared some wonderful Owl post.

nothip was saying something about goats?

Snacktastic hosted an evening open thread, in which zhandi still managed to talk about food. She signed off with another post about magical gifs.

I will be signing off to prepare dinner, which is spinach sauteed with fried eggplant, split pea soup with onions, tomatoes, ginger, and moar peas, and fried salmon in a fried yogurt sauce, featuring tomatoes, onions, ginger, asafetida powder, cumin, roasted cumin seed powder, coriander seed powder, fennel seed powder, cinnamon, bay leaf, cardamom, red chilli and other stuff, all over rice. I will finish with Ben & Jerry's half baked, which is not really as good as chocolate fudge brownie and cookie dough separately :/