Also known as I forgot I signed up for today's roundup. What difference emphasis makes!*

Snacktastic snuck in a late entry on Friday with songs of our childhood. She then sent us to bed.

Except NYCyclist decided to disobey and drink all the wine and zhandi decided to muse over TV instead.

And despite that, zhandi was the first one up with Owl gifs.

LaVieBohemeB fell asleep early last night but decided we could play Truth or Dare in the morning and hungover anyway.

And then blameitonthecroutons anticipated the following themes of the day with a new album.

nothip was determined to get us to say something about cats, first.

GT mixtapes were posted, and I asked BALKers to explain theirs.

These Clothes Ain't Real has informed us that Sarah Palin said something noteworthy, yet again. I have not clicked the vid, but that gif is amazing.

Snacktalk asked us our favorite urban legend.

Clementine Roundtree anticipated the Sunday Poem Shitshow.

LaChategris brought us back to food of our childhood.

Clio is teaching us to format our posts.

I discovered some lovely, uplifting, songs today.

zhandi blames us for nacho cravings.

* That is a hint that I want to talk about language someday. I checked out that sociolinguistics book that Madame Puddifoot recommended yesterday.