• When you are walking toward someone, and one of you needs to move, and the other person moves to the left. (Note: does not apply to the Queen's countries where y'all drive on the other side of the road). We work like cars people; always walk on the right.
  • When people underline things for emphasis. There is no need for underlining anymore; we have italics.
  • When people use two or more of the following for emphasis: underlining, italicizing, and bolding. This makes my head hurt so much.
  • When people look like they are going to high five you, but they high five the person behind you. This is just rude. I like high fives as much as the next person. This happened multiple times at a recent baseball game, where my friends (guys) kept going around me to high five my husband. Am I not a real person?!?!
  • When people talk to me in the toilet. And no, I don't mean bathroom. I mean the people that start talking to you when you walk in and continue to talk to you as they sit on the toilet. This is an office setting people; act a little less weird.
  • When people talk on their cell phones on the toilet. This is especially true of people in my office who have their own offices. You need private time? Shut the door. I can be more understanding of people who do not have their own private space.
  • When people send documents to a group of people to edit at the same time. This is incredibly inefficient for everyone involved. Most of the time we make the same changes, or go in totally different directions. And then someone has to put the Frankenstein back together… Never a good idea.
  • People who don't brew new coffee after taking the last cup. Yes, even you, Mr. Hot-shot-old-man-attorney whose wife makes all the coffee at home. It's not hard. This is particularly egregious during the morning coffee rush.
  • People who talk loudly on speaker phone, with their office door open.

What do you hate today?