As promised, now let's do our favorite young adult/kid books!

Favorite Older Kid Books

image from babysitters

I inherited a small group of Babysitters Club books from my older sister. I loved those!

What else? Hmm.

•Number the Stars.

•My Side of the Mountain

•A Tale of Two Cities

•Maya Daughter of the Nile

Favorite Older Kid Books

image from Wikipedia

•The Wind Blows Free

•Swiss Family Robinson

•Island of the Blue Dolphins !!!

Favorite Older Kid Books

I really loved Island of the Blue Dolphins. Oh my god, I just found out there was a sequel to it when I was looking for the version with the cover I had. *runs to*

Well, Backtalk? What were your favorites?

ETA: we should totally all reread these books that we used to love!