I am overseas for work right now. Some of the people where I work have "adopted" a stray cat. I say "adopted" because no one is going to take it back to America. It just gets fed regularly and has a place to do cat things.

The point of my story is that this cat made the transition from surviving on the streets to being a lazy pet like only a cat could. It mostly lays around and meows for someone to pet it. If you adopted a stray dog and gave it all the love in the world it would still have a haunted look in its eyes, like it was imagining all the terrible things it had to do to get by. Not a cat. A cat believes its natural state is ease. On to the roundup!

My new Twitter friend Madam Puddifoot got us started out with Friday Night Amuse Bouche. Amuse Bouche is of course a French term meaning "funny bouche."

Then No Dana, Only Hulu tempted many Christians with a discussion about demonic possession, smokey eyes and Rick Moranis, all things that the Church is firmly against. For the record, I'm Vinz Clortho and I invite you to watch Shubs and Zulls roast in the depths of the Sloar.

KorbenDallasBathroomAss shared a whole bunch of ads for Calvin Klein's Obsession. They were directed by David Lynch and ti really is hard to tell what is parody and what is genuine when watching. No joke here, just an observation.

Swedesinthebasement invited everyone to play a game where you determine a year to be obsessed with by adding the numbers to your address together. You know what, just read the post. The instructions are all in there.

Graby Sauce watched the newer Carrie movie for some reason. Spoiler Alert: It's not good. I would like to see a movie where Carrie Bradshaw realizes she has psychic pun powers.

Madam Puddifoot wanted to know what we were jamming on.

zhandi funds abortions elicited some well thought out retorts from Adam Baldwin on the Twitter.

Okay, Lighting Round!! tom hiddles has bloody nails put up some great late night music videos. Points off for spelling jams incorrectly though.

tom hiddles has bloody nails welcomed in the dawn with presents of cat gifs just like the ancient Mesopotamians did.


Finally, tom hiddles has bloody nails shared some precious moments between father and son.

Right Ascension posted an interesting video of drones and volcanos.

Things started to get a little catty after this with posts by Lady Formerly of the Bananas about kitten obsession .

Then a post by k2bspookypants ☠devilburner which was a tribute to a friend.

zhandi funds abortions was forced to make a test post because kinja is the best. That's why some of the links show up in a preview and some just said "fuck it!"


Evil Snacktastic (isn't that like saying wet water?) posted a cool short that combined 2D and 3D animation.

Al Pastor shared a t-shirt that will surely make some holiday wish lists.

Sally intherain brought us into Wonderland with a gallery of Alice inspired pictures.

To close out the night zhandi funds abortions pleaded for your Saturday Night Confessions

Evil Snacktastic asked for your fairy tale obsessions

and Captain Max and JINX wrote the roundup.