"Selma" is Home.

The only words I can think of to describe what I watched last night. I finally got a chance to go to the movies to see this wonderfully acted and masterfully directed movie. From the first five minutes (not to reveal what happened, because you have to see and experience the pain for yourself), to the ending credits,… » 1/24/15 11:57pm Yesterday 11:57pm

Saturday night's all right for a roundup

So, BT, what motivates you, anyway? Is it the macabre? Is it breakfast foods and damn good coffee? Or learning about people from other walks of life? Does delving into a bloody good book do it? Does writing a roundup get your juices flowing? Or hearing about other's frustrations? Reading an excellent review? Or is it… » 1/24/15 11:23pm Yesterday 11:23pm

Why does it bother people that celebrity offspring don't go to college?

I was thinking about it because it comes up frequently when talking about people like the Kardashians and here with Gigi Hadid. There is this dilemma around whether they should be encouraged to go to school or not, with some people wishing they would be and others seeing it as not important for the sake of their… » 1/24/15 5:49pm Yesterday 5:49pm

Eating healthy while poor: How rich(er) people can judge the poor.

I keep seeing lines like this: "Less healthy food is often cheaper and more convenient" as an explanation for why poor working (or not) people don't eat better. As with so many blanket statements this is both innaccurate and misleading. I can think of much that is cheaper and just as convenient as fast food. But I… » 1/24/15 1:19am Yesterday 1:19am