Theme of the Week: Movie Directors

I think you could easily argue that Akira Kurosawa is one of the greatest movie director of all time (if not the greatest). Too many directors start out brilliantly, only to fade but the best can remain relevant, morphing and advancing their story telling to reflect their own life stage, while also retaining a… »Sunday 9:30pm11/29/15 9:30pm

Odds and Ends: Backtalk Village

While this was a very quiet holiday week, we had some excellent backtalking fun and we should do this again! What posts did you want to do but never got around to doing? For me, I wanted to do the great cafe’s and nightlife of backtalk proper. Here we are cozying up with hot chocolate after skiiing Mount Kinja—trying… »Sunday 8:15pm11/29/15 8:15pm