Mainpage Review: Was Gawker 20% nicer today?

I mean, Denton promised. I’ve reached Gawker saturation point so I didn’t look very attentively but it looked like a typical day. Maybe a little meh. Where’s the niceness? Where is that Vox feeling? What about Jezebel? We don’t need to talk about the other mainpage sites because they don’t really have the same… » 7/27/15 7:53pm Yesterday 7:53pm

Leaving Netflix In August

The initial lists of the comings and goings on Netflix this coming month were finally released.... much later than usual. It’s looking rough... especially after everything that left in July. The selections that are coming are less than desirable (that list constantly gets revised though). But for now here’s what you… » 7/27/15 2:40pm Yesterday 2:40pm

Good Morning.  It's Monday! And that's all I have to say about that. 

Let’s see how Kinja likes these weird photo dimensions. It’s Monday. I am awake. You are awake (?). It is gorgeous here (for now), so I am going to sit on my patio until the very last minute, day dreaming about hiking in cooler temps. If you could be anywhere else right now, where would it be? » 7/27/15 8:43am Yesterday 8:43am

I need to get organized!

This is my first post, fellow GTers/Balkers! Just like I say at the end of every summer, this year is THE school year I get organized! I teach high school, so I don’t really use a lot of the cute themed organization stations that are on Pinterest. However, I do want to find effective, reasonably-priced, and somewhat… » 7/26/15 11:02pm Sunday 11:02pm