Midnight Movie: Six Colorized Silent Short Films (1895 - 1910)

Good evening, Balkers! Tonight's Midnight Movie is a special edition in honor of our Theme of the Week, Ladies of Early Cinema. We'll be watching some of the very earliest ladies and gents of the silver screen in these six beautifully hand-colored short silent films, which range from 45 seconds to 16 minutes in length… » 7/31/14 1:04am Today 1:04am

Leaving this up for the funny L.A. Story scene . . .

My name is Harris K. Telemacher. I live in Los Angeles and I've had seven heart attacks, all imagined. That is to say, I was deeply unhappy, but I didn't know it because I was so happy all the time. I have a favorite quote about L.A. by William Shakespeare. He said: "This other Eden, demi-paradise, this precious… » 7/31/14 12:02am Today 12:02am

Stuck on Stupid

Internet comment boards, with all its nonsensical glamor, can be at times a microcosm of our society. Particularly, the comment sections of our world's most popular news and blog sites highlight how people are so grounded in their stances and opinions that facts and many various anecdotal experiences have no chance of… » 7/30/14 8:55pm Yesterday 8:55pm

​"We Don't Touch our Vulvas at the Table." This Sex-Positive Mom Rocks

Originally published on Becoming Supermommy, and later shared to HuffPost Parents, Lea Grover's essay "Sex Positive Parenting, or We Don't Touch Our Vulvas At The Table" is a dose of unadulterated logic that actually frustrates me when I'm reminded how rare a piece on good sex-positive parenting like this is. » 7/30/14 2:21pm Yesterday 2:21pm