Let's #GameGamerGate

What's good for the goose is good for the gamer, so I want to ratfuck this horrible "movement" so hard, you guys. The Gawker mainpage had to apologize, advertisers are being lost from this site and others, and this is all because some people who don't leave their basement are utilizing the anonymity of these tubes to… » 10/24/14 6:22am Today 6:22am

MEOOOOOOW: Roadtrips with your pet

Have you ever taken a trip with your pet? I remember moving from Boston to the Philadelphia area with my cat. I gave her this herbal stuff (not marijuana) to calm her down. She meowed for like the first hour and then she fell asleep for hours. At the end, when she woke up, I let her out of her cat carrier and she sat… » 10/23/14 8:39pm Yesterday 8:39pm

Privileges on Making

So Jenny and I have been somewhat absent on this one. I know many of you have asked about privileges on our new untainted craft blog and, well, the response has been terrible. Most because we've both been busy. So please, post here if you would like privileges and I will deal with it in the next day or two! I'm so… » 10/23/14 2:34pm Yesterday 2:34pm