Snacktaku: Mike Fahey's (and Brian Ashcraft's) Contribution to Mankind

I’m biased towards snacks but still, I love this. Here is the latest installment about Lay’s flavor swap chips where I guess you can vote for which one you like the most and vote out your least favorite. Some of them look a little dodgy though as everyone knows, I love me a good barbeque chip and probably keep both.…

Sim Earth: The Somewhat Disappointing Alt-Evolution Simulator

Remember SimEarth? This is what dos looked like in 1990 and I remember being really excited for this game along with Sim Life because it allowed for an alternative evolution where cockroaches, deer or even plants evolved to rule the earth in a way that is probably as superintelligent as we are. Imagine when you…

Science Fiction: We Found an Earth-like Planet. It Doesn't Look Like Earth at All.

It is a staple of science fiction. People find an Earth-like planet and some plot ensues. Thought experiment: you enter a star system exactly like Sol. Everything that happened in the Sol system happened here in the exact same way. One catch: you arrive at a random time. You go to the third planet. What do you find?